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I never ever seen a cute monster like this! But there are some little problems!I'm sorry to tell you this.
The body in my opinion is a little small than then head, and this ruin the art itself.
The paws are too flat to be real paws or hands...try to improve looking other antrophomorp figures or animal figures.
The colors are well combined but not so well blurred, in fact the tail, the dorsal fin, and the others black points ruin a little the grey skin of the monster. The eyes are a little wrong in this position (if it is like a Pokèmon or something then it's ok, never mind this part .). Those lines are maybe mustache?Cause the part that is facing the user must be provided as well. (A little but must!). Then, all that I had to tell ya, I spilled it out. I ends this critique whit :
Do your best and improve! You have a lot of fantasy and originality! Good luck! And never give up!
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